Perhaps the most important element to a life of joy and is the element I have been so intrigued by since I was young. I had always looked at the Shaolin Monks of China as a barometer as to what the human being is capable of when the balance of the mind and body were at its pinnacle. Though some in Western civilization would think their lifestyle is extreme, it goes to show what is possible when the Elements are honed to perfection.

When speaking about the aging process, this term is generally referenced as the physical ability needed so we don't sustain a fall and get injured. I feel is it is so much greater as related to a life of happiness. Balance is defined in the dictionary as: a condition in which different elements are equal, or in the correct proportions. As we apply that definition in the context of leading a long life of happiness, then it would be logical to assume that by creating a synergy of physical fitness, emotional fitness, nutritional fitness, and financial fitness; we can look to a bright and fulfilling future.

How do we get there?

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