How we "think" is critical to our overall well being. It is of my opinion and experience that what we believe on the daily basis becomes the foundation of how we interrelate to our world. As humans, we are emotional beings and our individual happiness relies greatly on those emotions in any given moment. Generally speaking, we have an unrealistic expectation of being "happy" all the time. Most of us have had special moments in our lives that have elicited great feelings of happiness. What we unfortunately do to ourselves is expect that when our state of mind does not match those "special moments", we somehow become "less than" and subsequently sabotage our overall well-being because we aren't in a constant state of bliss.  

How do we change that cycle? We change our definition of happiness! I feel that if we can redefine what the sense of "happiness" means, then we can allow ourselves some grace in our emotional state and relieve that "pressure" we feel to be at peak happiness all the time. We all have ups and downs that challenge us in life, but it's how we respond emotionally to those "downs" that create the state of mind that becomes our life.

As most of you know, I have been sharing video information via social media (You Tube, Instagram, FaceBook) on how to identify inefficiencies in the body (BodyTest), and how to resolve those issues (BodyFix). In regards to Mindset, I will share my opinions in how to work towards a realistic expectation of happiness and call them MindFix. These are simply my views and are not a replacement for a professional advice (Psychologist, Psychiatrist, etc.). You can however refer to links (on right) for a more professional opinion.  

More to come......