"Fitness" has a broad range of meanings, but at The Age Coach, it is essentially our General Physical Preparedness (GPP). It is the first of my 5 elements of overall happiness (aka The Journey), which include Fitness, Strength, Mobility, Balance, and Nutrition. I would say when we create a happy balance of these five elements, then a lifetime can be lived with great vibrancy and joy. As we look at "Fitness" specifically, it is my opinion that our cardiovascular conditioning stands as the primary motive. As the human body ages it becomes increasingly important to deliver vital nutrients throughout the systems so as to optimize the ability to function as efficiently as possible. 

A secondary motive of fitness and just as important is simply "To Move". What most people are unaware of is that our greatest ally in preventing sickness and disease is Movement. Human movement is absolutely necessary to maintain a healthy immune system, because of how it affect the Lymphatic system. You see, the lymphatic system in layman terms is our "filtration system". Unlike the cardiovascular system which has a pump (Heart), the Lymph system does not and needs to be manually pumped. In this case Movement is the pump. Muscular movement is what creates pressure to move the lymph fluids to filter out the "bad" stuff and keeps our immune system strong.

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