How do we define strength and how strong does one actually need to be? The word strength has multiple meanings and in the context of The Age Coach, I define it as the Physical and/or Mental capacity to achieve virtually any task that may present itself in the course of a given day. The human body and mind have an incredible capability to adapt and accomplish whatever it focuses on.

Though most people may avoid exercise as related to lifting weights, an elevated level of Physical Strength is imperative to maintain the human body. Through incremental overload of the musculoskeletal system, the physical body adapts and gets stronger. As we age, if our physical body begins to weaken, there is a cascade effect that begins with a diminishing of confidence in doing  simple daily tasks. When confidence decreases, then it begins to weigh on our emotional state and when this happens, our vibrancy and quality of life slowly degrade.  At this point, our Mental Strength is affected and that is a recipe for a rapid decline in our overall happiness. And what does a good life need? HAPPINESS!!!

It is of our opinion at The Age Coach that when you increase you're Physical Strength, you increase your Mental Strength, and when you do this, you ultimately increase your HAPPINESS!!!

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