What others think about The Age Coach


As a Northern California BMX Racer, I've known the name Kevin Suttmoeller nearly my whole life, but it wasn't until we both found ourselves a part of Team USA BMX in 2007, that I found out first-hand how valuable Kevin's knowledge and skills could be in helping to improve the mental and physical performance of a professional athlete.

Over the course of what would be considered my most successful years as a Professional BMX Racer, "Sutty" was alongside for the ride, whether coincidence or not, and was more than a very-skilled therapist or trainer, but a friend that helped keep me grounded during some of the most stressful times of my life. I'm forever grateful for what Sutty has taught me.

~Donny "DR" Robinson (2008 Olympic BMX Bronze Medalist)          


     No matter how much heart, strength, and intrinsic motivation we possess one factor people tend to forget about in their successes throughout life is the people along their journey. The ones that saw your body first quit on you, that cheered for your success in your biggest dreams, and the ones that congratulated you after a huge accomplishment, all the while never doubting your ability to make it to the top of the mountain in the first place. One of those people for me is a man by the name of Kevin Suttmoeller and I am blessed enough to call him a mentor and a friend of mine.

    At the age of 18 I first met Kevin on Day 1 of my training to prepare for a career in one of the most elite fields in U.S. Special Operations the Department of Defense has to offer. A daunting task of making it through a 2 year selection with an 80% attrition rate was something that required preparation in order to succeed. Kevin was next to me nearly everyday until I left for selection. What sets Kev apart as a coach is not only the elite knowledge he possesses but his character and ability to coach every age and ability group. He is man who whole heartedly cares about the overall health and well being of each and every one of his clients. I am truly thankful to have trained with a coach like Kevin in preparation for one of the biggest challenges of my life. I hope he can impart his knowledge, wisdom, and life lessons to everyone that comes through the gym in the future. Without him I can’t say for certain I would be where I am today.

~ Drew Darker (7 year veteran / U.S. Air Force Special Operations Combat Controller)


Dear Friend, Are you procrastinating about getting to the gym? Please make a choice to help yourself and your loved ones. I'm 74 and feeling much younger than when I began. Balance Point has many classes with excellent trainers. I am proud of myself and encourage you to take this important step for yourself. 

                                                                      Sincerely, Pat Coker (Fit Over 50 class client)

"When I found out I wanted to attend the Air Force Academy, I decided it was time to prepare my body both physically and mentally for the challenges I would face when I in-processed. My family had known Kevin for a long time, and, because of this, knew he would be the best man for the job due to his extensive knowledge and experience. The training was excellent in that it focused on increasing my strength while keeping me healthy. For example, I tweaked my shoulder during swim practice and was unable to use it while it was healing. When I came into Balance Point the next day, not only was Kevin able to find ways to work around the injury, but we spent a good amount of time working on exercises that expedited the healing process. When I arrived at the Academy for basic training, I felt confident that I could take whatever was thrown at me largely due to the training I did at Balance Point; but even after basic I still apply the lessons and techniques I've learned with Kevin to further progress my training as I train to be a Combat Rescue Officer in the future. Balance Point truly provided me with a way to progress my fitness throughout my life."

                                                                      ~C4C Mason Royse CS-14 (US Naval Academy)