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Doing some filming in 2003 with my Sensei Cecil Johns (R.I.P)

Doing some filming in 2003 with my Sensei Cecil Johns (R.I.P)

51 years ago today, the wheels were set in motion for a journey of a man from the midwest. He had no idea what was in store for him when he came into this world. His name is Kevin Vance Suttmoeller and when I spoke with him earlier today, he told me that he would not change a single thing and recommended that everyone take some time for themselves to reflect on their journey. We are where we are due to an endless stream of decisions that result in the person we are in this very moment. If you are not pleased with who and what you represent, then begin to make decisions that will lead you to be that which you want to be. 

He said that in his opinion, there is no savior besides the one that resides in oneself. Although we may not have control of certain circumstances in the environment around us, we have absolute control of the thoughts and actions that can lead to a transition towards the human that you truly want to become.  He went on to say that regardless of what your spiritual/religious beliefs are, we all have an internal power that was infused in each of us as we came into the world. This power can be used for the betterment of your experience here on earth or unfortunately can be applied in a destructive manner. It truly is up to you on how you wish to apply the power and depending on your choices on the daily will yield a given result. Collectively, it is those everyday thoughts and actions that lead you to where you are. 

If you are not where you want to be in life, then it is solely up to you to make the changes. We can continuously look to blame where you are on things that are external, but he states that it's only when we look inward will we find the true answers to allow us to live the life we dream of. 

Story by Nivek

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