Range of Motion (ROM) is of utmost importance for the aging process. At The Age Coach, we are adamant that you do everything within your power to maintain and/or reclaim your ROM. It is absolutely critical to a life of vibrancy and happiness to have freedom of movement. Imagine if you will that every time you get into your car, you put your emergency brake on and go for a drive. This is a loose representation of what is essentially happening if you do not have proper ROM in all of your joints. Over time and without proper movement, the connective tissue that holds you together (fascia, muscles, tendons, ligaments, etc.) become tight and restrictive and therefore limit your ability for movement. Most people put off "stretching" because it "hurts" too much. This is part of a greater issue that I address more in-depth in the "Mindset" section of this site, but in short I feel that people must do regular stretching or mobility work so as to maintain freedom of movement.

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